What is Live Casino?

live casino

Live casino is a recent addition to online gaming that brings the authentic experience of playing in land casinos straight to your computer or mobile device. Using video streaming to connect you with real dealers in studios or even in real casinos, live games use actual cards and chips on the dealer’s end while players make bets via software on their own devices. The games are available around the clock and have a chat option that allows you to communicate with other players too, adding a social element to your gameplay.

Live games are usually filmed in purpose built studios that can stream a high quality video directly to your device. While most modern home Internet connections are able to cope with this, you should always check whether your home set-up can support the game you want to play before deciding to sign up.

Once you join a live game, you will be automatically assigned a seat at a virtual table in the game room. The dealer will then greet you and open the floor for bets. If you are unsure about how to play the game, you can always ask questions in the chat window and have them answered instantly by the live dealer.

Typically, live games will follow standard rules that apply to the game you are playing. In blackjack, for instance, you will win if you beat the dealer’s hand with either an ace or ten card, or a suited combination. You can also place side bets such as pairs and runs which pay out depending on the type of hand you have.